Searx (pronounced "serks") is a meta-search engine. That means it searches many engines at once, and shows you the combined results.

Because your searches are done through a proxy, you can safely search google, bing, etc. without any tracking or spying.

Searx is fully open source, and has a strong reputation for privacy.

There are other public instances of Searx, but we decided to host our own. It’s completely private, and absolutely no logs are kept. There’s no tracking, no login or account, and no spying.

Give Searx a try below!

If you’d like you can also customize the results you get. Just click on the Preferences link in the upper-right corner. Customize everything to your liking, and then go to the Cookies tab and bookmark the URL shown. You’ll get your own personal search engine, completely private and just the way you like it.

You can also visit our Searx instance on its own at