Moto G42 w/ CalyxOS


Moto G42 w/ CalyxOS

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This is a Moto G42, de-googled and ready to go.  Phones are in brand new condition.  We only open the box to install CalyxOS.

The G42 is a relatively new offering from Motorola, and is a very solid budget phone.  It features a 6.4″ screen and a 5000 mAh battery, which should easily last a full day (if not two).  It also has a headphone jack and micro-SD card slot, both of which are becoming rare these days.  This phone is also 4G only, so if you’re trying to avoid 5G for as long as possible, this is the phone for you.

Colors include Atlantic Green (pictured) which is a stately dark green, and Metallic Rose, which is a shiny finish with a hint of pink/lavender.  With a cover, you can’t really see either color.

We install CalyxOS on each phone, along with MicroG for maximum compatibility with apps.  We also install the GCam camera app for maximum photo quality.

Note: this phone may not be compatible with Verizon-based carriers.  So far users have not had issue with AT&T or T-mobile networks.  If you aren’t sure if your carrier is compatible, please send us a message.

Comes with a SIM card tool, transparent silicone case, charger, and cable.  Full specs can be found here.

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