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You probably know how bad things are with online privacy.  But where do you get started?

Let me show you five simple things you can do to get google out of your life right now.  


It’s our ebook Take Back Your Privacy: Five Ways to De-Google Your Life Right Now.  Inside, you’ll learn all about how tech companies are spying on you and tracking everything you do.

You’ll also get some practical advice on how to fight them, with easy-to-follow tips that anyone can do.

As a bonus, you’ll also get our 12 Step Plan for Quitting Facebook

Are you a social media addict?  Do you know you should quit, but don’t know how to do it?

Let us help with this ebook, that lays out all of the steps.

Finally, we’ll also send you a USB data blocker

This handy device will allow you to charge your phone anywhere you like without worrying about someone stealing your data.  It simply disconnects the data pins while allowing charging to take place. 

Measures approx. 1″ square, so throw one in your bag and bring it anywhere you go. Perfect for the coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else you need to charge your phone in public.

USB data blocker

Just on their own, I sell these for $7.99 in my store.

However, you can get:

  • our e-book with five ways to de-google your life right now
  • our 12-step plan for quitting facebook
  • plus a USB data blocker

… all for just $7

Is your privacy online worth a mere 7 bucks?  You bet it is!

This package will get you started down the road to online privacy.

But once again, this is a one-time offer.

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