Pixel 4 w/ LineageOS and MicroG or GrapheneOS


Pixel 4 w/ LineageOS 18.1 and MicroG or GrapheneOS

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Irony, thy name is Pixel.

Using a google phone for de-googling?  Yes, as it turns out the Pixel is one of the easiest phones to de-google.  It also has excellent hardware security and good build quality.  There’s a reason why GrapheneOS is designed to run on the Pixel platform.

This is a renewed Pixel 4 (64 GB version), in excellent condition.  Cosmetic appearance is 9.5/10.  Photos above may not be the exact phone you will receive, but they are indicative of condition.  Comes in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

We install LineageOS 18.1 (w/ Android 11) and MicroG.  We also install GCam, for the best possible image quality.  The phone is also rooted, and a firewall (AFWall) is installed which allows you to block internet access for individual apps.

If you would prefer to have GrapheneOS installed on your phone, please check the box above when adding to your cart, and we will install the latest version of GrapheneOS.  Note that GrapheneOS does not allow the full usage of MicroG, which may limit the functionality of some apps.  GrapheneOS phones are also not rooted.

Will work with all major carriers, including Verizon.  Does not come with charger or cable, just the phone.  Don’t forget to grab a SIM card tool if you need one.  Full specs can be found here.