OnePlus 6T w/ LineageOS and Microg


OnePlus 6T w/ LineageOS and MicroG

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If you’re not familiar with OnePlus, they make high-quality phones that are sold at a very reasonable price.  This phone is a big boy, with a massive 6.4″ display.

The 6T also has a blazing fast processor, and is a bit faster than a Pixel 4a.  You will not be disappointed with the size or performance of this phone.

This is the 6/128 GB version, in dark gray.  Phones are lightly used, but in excellent condition.  We would rate these 9/10 overall.

Note: one of the phones has a small amount of screen burn-in in the notification bar, shown in one of the photos above.  If you don’t mind and want to save some money, make sure to choose that option and we’ll send you that phone.

Comes with LineageOS 18.1 (based on Android 11) and MicroG installed, for maximum compatibility.  Please note this phone works with GSM carriers only (AT&T, T-mobile, and most others).  If you have Verizon, US Cellular, or another CDMA carrier, please take a look at our Pixel phones.

Just the phone is included, so make sure to grab some SIM card tools, a charger, or a charging cable if you need it.  Full specs can be found here.